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Summer Engagement Photo Locations around Philadelphia

summer engagement photo
Summer Engagement Photo Locations around Philadelphia

As the summer months come closer, many couples will be taking the big step and making the commitment of marriage to their partners. To celebrate their love and memorialize this relationship milestone, couples will be searching for the perfect location to have their engagement photo-shoot.

To help you brainstorm and come up with ideas, we have rounded up some recommendations for the perfect spots. You can choose from the following summer engagement photo locations around Philadelphia to find a place that won’t disappoint.

The Swann Memorial Fountain

The architectural genius located at the Logan Circle makes for the best summer engagement photo location. You can go the traditional route and have the fountain in the background of photos in all their glory or you can make the photo session a bit fun. Jump in the fountain for a bit and snap a few photos that you will likely never forget.


The aesthetically pleasing town located within the city of Philadelphia makes for a great summer engagement photo location. You can take to the streets of Fishtown and capture the vivid and bright beauty of the murals and street art. The combination of the upscale with the bohemian and artsy architecture of the town adds makes for many interesting backgrounds for your engagement photos.

Material Culture

This trendy and funky spot is perfect for couples who want to capture the beauty of the industrial style. Built in the 1920s as a train station, this spot has now become a favorite among couples for wedding and engagement photos. The textures and colors spread across the location combined on a bright sunny day will make for a fun and unique photo session.

Bushkill Falls

If you don’t mind driving out to a location, then Bushkill Falls is an amazing engagement photo location around Philadelphia. You can remain out of the water and have the waterfalls and green scenery in the background. If you don’t just want the falls as a backdrop, you can step in the water and make the photos more interesting.

Wissahickon Valley Park

During the summer, when the park is in full bloom and lush with green foliage, the Wissahickon Valley Park can be the perfect engagement photo location in Philadelphia. The dramatic backdrops of giant rocks, trees, and the seven miles of the creek all give many opportunities for woodland-style engagement photos.

Fitler Square

Fitler Square is a hidden gem of a neighborhood that many couples often overlook as a possible location for an engagement photo session. The entire neighborhood comprises of tiny alleyways, cobblestone streets, and aesthetically pleasing architecture. One of the best things about this beautiful neighborhood is that it is mostly tourist-free!

The Beaches

Lastly, what could be more perfect than a summer engagement photo session at one at a beach? There are a number of beaches not far from the city of Philadelphia, near New Jersey.  You can pack a picnic and make a whole day out of the photoshoot. The photos will be even more special if you and your fiancé share a love for the water!

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